Monday, 31 July 2017

Creating a custom Image Text component for Experience Manager 6.3

As an Adobe Experience Manager component developer, you can create custom components to address project requirements. For example, you can create a custom image/text component that can let an author dynamically set the position of the image on a web page.  A author can set the image on the left side of the page, as shown here.

Likewise, the author can set the image on the right side. 

Benefits of creating this custom text/image component are as follows: 
  1. No need to merge everything into one single component.
  2. An author can drag and drop additional components as required.
  3. This component has a custom image, heading and button component. which can be added or deleted from the parsys.
  4. It is responsive so as per screen resolution, it is adjusted.
  5. In the main div, you can first select the image position i.e left/right.
To read this development article, check back on Fri Aug 11, 2017.

NOTE: this component does not make use of backend Java code, only front end HTL logic. 


  1. Thanks for creating this tutorial, just what I'm looking for! Will this be available today?


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  3. Scott, the page says to check back on 8/11/17. Can you let us know when the tutorial will be ready?