Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Using Sling Post Servlets to submit mobile data to Adobe CQ

You can create an Adobe CQ mobile form using JQuery Mobile API and submit the data to Adobe CQ using a Sling Post Servlet. When a mobile user fills in the form and clicks the submit button, form data is submitted to Adobe CQ.  However, instead of using an OSGi bundle to store the data in the Adobe CQ JCR, you can use the SlingPostServlet.

A CQ mobile form displayed within a mobile device 

The Sling Post Servlet provides a RESTful interface that lets you manipulate data content stored in the Adobe CQ JCR. This servlet maps nodes in the JCR repository to URIs and allows applications to modify JCR content.  To read this development article, click:


Note: You can submit mobile data to the Adobe CQ JCR using an OSGi bundle that contains Java application logic. For information, see http://scottsdigitalcommunity.blogspot.ca/2013/04/submitting-mobile-form-data-to-adobe-cq.html.

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